Terms and Conditions



The present SERVICE CONTRACT is established as General Contracting Conditions that regulate the use of the Services provided by COWORKING SANT ANTONI.


By contracting the Service of COWORKING SANT ANTONI, whether by clicking on the “Accept” button on the registration page or by any other method of contracting that COWORKING SANT ANTONI may have provided, the Client acknowledges and agrees to register under the terms and conditions of this document, as well as the rest of the Legal Notices published on the web that are valid at each moment, which complete and complement this contract. Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before accepting them.



The ownership belongs to Lidia Núñez with NIF: 43426087v and address in Barcelona.

The User can contact COWORKING SANT ANTONI at the Customer Service through the email address: [email protected].



The Client of COWORKING SANT ANTONI is any natural person of legal age or legal entity that contracts the services offered, either through a monthly subscription or through the one-time contracting of a service.



The purpose of this contract is the individual use of the contracted space within the coworking which, through a monthly subscription or the one-time contracting of a service offered by Coworking Sant Antoni, provides its facilities for personalized work, presentations, talks, meetings, etc.

This Service is provided to the Client as an end user, for their exclusive use, and in no case may they resell or distribute the Subscription or contracted services to third parties.




Under the present conditions, COWORKING SANT ANTONI offers access to a premises located at Floridablanca Street, 66-68 in Barcelona, where the client will have a space, whether in a private office or at a shared table, in a meeting room or presentation room, their space to perform their work.


The subscription gives the right to use the furniture of the contracted service, make use of the office space where they will have free access to coffee, teas, cold and hot water. Closed booth. Lockers with keys, parcel collection within the agreed schedule.


To obtain Subscription activation or to contract the services offered, it will be necessary to register and follow the registration procedure, meet the Subscription fee or service rate in force at each moment, and accept the general terms of COWORKING SANT ANTONI specified in the present Contract.


To allow the Client’s access to the premises, Coworking Sant Antoni will provide an electronic code, which will be programmed for their use. The client’s code is personal and non-transferable, the client will not have the right to transfer or assign it to third parties under any circumstances.


The Client will be responsible for the code, and therefore agrees to safeguard it and, if they became aware that a third party had accessed it or had entered Coworking Sant Antoni in their name and without their consent, they must immediately inform the Coworking. Failure to do so will grant Coworking Sant Antoni the power to unilaterally terminate the Contract without any compensation to the Client. Coworking will not be responsible for the misuse of the Client’s code.

If the client loses their key and requests a duplicate, the cost will be €5+VAT to be paid by the client.



From the date of the Subscription activation or the contracting of the service offered at the coworking, the Client will be obliged to:


  • Ensure the truthfulness of their personal and banking data, and to keep these data up to date, guaranteeing Coworking Sant Antoni that all the information provided is true, and that it does not violate the rights of third parties, immediately communicating to Coworking Sant Antoni any change that occurs in the data provided for the Subscription.
  • Pay Coworking Sant Antoni an amount for the provision of the Service, according to the rates posted on the web by electronic payment specified in the specific conditions of each plan or as per requested budget.
  • Correct behavior inside the coworking, (no fights, no infractions, respect with other users, clean with the common materials, leave it in the same place you found it.
  • Accept that they are contracting the provision of the subscription for an initial period, from the date of the subscription activation, for the time that has been determined in the contracted rate and whose amount has been satisfied.
  • Accept that Coworking Sant Antoni will not be responsible for the losses or damages, including loss of profits, that the client may have to bear due to failures or breakdowns in the telecommunications or electrical structures, which are the responsibility of others than Coworking Sant Antoni.
  • The client is responsible for the material, computer equipment, clothing or personal items, with which they access the coworking.
  • Coworking Sant Antoni will not be responsible for the disappearance or deterioration of personal belongings left in the coworking.




From the date of the Service activation, Coworking Sant Antoni will be obligated to:


  • Provide the Client with the Service and functionalities included in these contract and specific terms. Coworking Sant Antoni is exempt from liability in the event that the client does not fulfill the obligations to provide the necessary information to Coworking Sant Antoni for the correct provision of the contracted service, in a timely and appropriate manner.
  • Issue the corresponding invoice, where applicable, for the provision of the Service.
  • Keep the Service operational for use from Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm. Coworking Sant Antoni will do everything possible to keep the Service operational, but reserves the right to modify, suspend, or interrupt, temporarily or permanently, the Subscription Service or any of its functions due to technical failures not attributable to Coworking Sant Antoni, and without being responsible to the client in any form or manner. Interruptions will be communicated, as far as possible, with sufficient notice to the client. The aforementioned obligation will not be enforceable to Coworking Sant Antoni in cases of force majeure or if there is an electrical or internet network failure that is the basis for the provision of the same, and it is beyond their control.
  • Coworking Sant Antoni, maintain and ensure the secrecy of the security images that are recorded, except for the requirement of the competent judicial or administrative authority, in accordance with current regulations, in which case, it reserves the right to provide the images required by the same without prior notice to the Client.
  • Address claims regarding the operation, price, billing, quality, and any other issue that may arise in connection with the Subscription. These must be directed to Coworking Sant Antoni within one (1) month from the moment in which the event that motivated them occurred, by contacting Coworking Sant Antoni, either through the telephone or email provided in these contract.




Coworking Sant Antoni will charge the Client for the provision of coworking Services based on the rates in effect at any given time on the Web, which the Client declares to know and accept, detailed in the specific conditions. For services that do not conform to the plans listed on the web, a personalized estimate will be sent to the client.


The price of the rest of the services offered will be due at the moment of contracting the same, and payment can be made by credit/debit card or by direct debit if it concerns users who are already clients of Coworking Sant Antoni.


The Coworking Service will be billed in accordance with the tax and accounting regulations in force at any given time and sent to the Client in form and time by email.


The price of active subscriptions may be reviewed, with prior communication one month in advance and acceptance by the subscribed client. The foregoing notwithstanding, to adapt the price of the plans listed on the web for companies and/or freelancers that do not conform to the specific conditions of each plan, upon sending and acceptance of a personalized estimate.


Coworking Sant Antoni reserves the right to modify the pricing policy of the provided Service on various concepts such as promotional discounts or other rate changes, and in any case must communicate such change through those channels used as advertising means for the client or potential client. Unless otherwise specified, all prices quoted on the web and in advertising support are understood without VAT.


Any amount not received by Coworking Sant Antoni on the Invoice Due Date will be considered overdue. For any overdue amount, the legal interest on late payments in force at the time of its maturity will accrue.


In the event of non-payment of any invoice on the due date or non-payment of the previously claimed amount of an unpaid invoice by the Client, Coworking Sant Antoni may suspend the provision of the Service, or terminate the contract, after written notice via email five (5) days in advance, without prejudice to the fact that, along with the unpaid amounts, default interest and corresponding management expenses will also accrue, increasing annually with the CPI (Consumer Price Index). The subscription will not be restored until the client proceeds to pay the total amounts owed, including late interest and management expenses.


If the payment of the amounts owed by the client to Coworking Sant Antoni, including moratory interests and management expenses, is made after the suspension of the Subscription, Coworking Sant Antoni reserves the right to re-register the User who requests it.