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The best coworking in Barcelona that helps you grow professionally

Coworking Sant Antoni in Barcelona is distinguished by its comprehensive approach to workspaces and the services it offers. You can see the ranking of the best coworkings in Barcelona to compare with other coworkings.

Fingerprint access

Access your workspace at any time, we have fingerprint access so you don't need to carry cards or keys with you.​

Meeting room

Modern and well equipped for your meetings, workshops or important presentations.

Internet of high speed

We have 1GB symmetrical fiber optics so you can do any job without complications.


Bring your tapers and heat them in the microwave without worrying about anything. Free unlimited filtered water.


We facilitate your printing needs with modern and efficient equipment.

Fiscal address

We offer our partners to have a tax address for their business.

ground coffee

Enjoy the best ground coffee in the area with your personal coworking cup. If you are more into tea, we also have it.

All supplies included

Don't worry about managing and paying for services such as electricity, water, cleaning, internet, A/C and heating. All supplies are included.

Pets allowed

Bring your dog so that you are in a cozy environment and always accompanied. We have water ready for your pet.

Package reception

We receive the packages for you and you pick them up whenever you want.

box office

Store your things in a safe place and don't worry.


Get maximum privacy with this private soundproof room exclusively for you for a certain time.

Car parking

Right in front of the coworking we have a 24-hour private parking.

Metro and Bus 1 min away

Metro: L1 Rocafort, L3 Poble Sec. Buses: 13, 55, 91, 120, H16

Gym Dir Rocafort

Free registration and 10% discount at the Gym Dir Rocafort 50m from the coworking.

Space to generate
your greatest impact.

Coworking Sant Antoni is more than a workspace, it is a place where your project can evolve and make a significant impact.

We provide all the facilities for a better work environment

We offer a complete range of services and amenities that make your Barcelona coworking experience unique.

Flexible Private Office
Fully equipped space
Anything you need

We are here to meet your needs and ensure a comfortable and productive work environment.

Friendly prices

Our prices are competitive and flexible, designed to support startups, freelancers and growing companies.

The cheapest coworking in Barcelona

We offer the perfect environment to grow without breaking your budget, along with a community that drives mutual success.

Membership Package
Dedicated office package

Why choose Coworking Sant Antoni?

Choosing Coworking Sant Antoni in Barcelona is not simply choosing a workplace; It’s choosing an environment that nurtures professional growth, fosters collaboration, and offers an unparalleled experience . There are multiple reasons why our space stands out as the preferred choice for professionals from various sectors.

  1. Privileged Location: Located in the vibrant Sant Antoni neighborhood, our coworking space is not only in the heart of Barcelona, but also at the epicenter of innovation and urban dynamism. This strategic location makes it easy to access a wide range of local amenities, from charming cafes to cultural centres, all just a short walk away.
  2. Inspiring Environment: Our space is designed to stimulate creativity and productivity. With modern architecture and interior design designed for comfort, Coworking Sant Antoni is more than a workplace: it is a source of daily inspiration. The work areas are bathed in natural light, creating a warm and welcoming environment that motivates and energizes.
  3. Adaptability and diversity: We recognize that each professional has different requirements. For this reason, we provide a variety of alternatives ranging from adaptable workstations in common areas to fully equipped personal offices and conference rooms. This adaptability gives our users the opportunity to select a location that perfectly fits their work method and the specific demands of each situation.
  4. Community and networks: By choosing Coworking Sant Antoni, you join a vibrant community of professionals, entrepreneurs and creatives. This environment encourages networking, the exchange of ideas and collaboration on projects. We regularly host networking events, talks and workshops, creating unique opportunities to connect and collaborate.
  5. Commitment to sustainability: We are committed to sustainable and responsible practices. Our Barcelona coworking spaces are not only energy efficient, but we also promote a culture of respect for the environment among our members.
  6. Affordable and transparent rates: We offer flexible plans and competitive prices, ensuring that you can find a cheap coworking in Barcelona that fits your budget without sacrificing quality or services.

Versatile workspaces

Our Barcelona coworking has a variety of workspaces designed to adapt to different styles and needs. From bright, open areas for collaborative work to quieter areas for deep concentration, each space is designed to maximize productivity and comfort.

Ergonomic furniture and modern decoration create a pleasant and stimulating work environment.

meeting rooms

We have several meeting rooms, perfect for meetings with clients, presentations or team brainstorming. These rooms are equipped with cutting-edge technology , such as presentation screens, video conferencing and sound systems, ensuring that your meetings are as productive as possible.

Rest and networking areas

We understand the importance of breaks and social interaction at work. Therefore, we have several common areas, such as cafes and lounges, where members can relax, exchange ideas or simply enjoy a coffee. These spaces are designed to encourage casual interaction and networking among our members.

Tax address service

We provide a postal address solution for tax and business purposes . This service is designed for those who require a physical location as a legal or administrative reference, thus facilitating the management of correspondence and official documentation in a secure and professional environment.

Biometric entry system

fingerprint recognition technology to ensure secure and personalized access. This biometric method provides an efficient and reliable solution for entry control , ensuring a protected and exclusive environment for authorized users.

Ultra-fast internet connectivity

We offer a state-of-the-art internet service, characterized by its high speed and reliability. This advanced connection ensures an optimal online experience, suitable for both work and entertainment, thus ensuring smooth and uninterrupted browsing.

Pet admission

In our facilities, we welcome the presence of pets. We understand the importance of pets in the lives of our visitors and clients, which is why we have created a friendly and safe environment for them.

Private call spaces

“Phonebooth” type cabins specially designed to offer a quiet and reserved environment, ideal for making phone calls or video conferences. These acoustically isolated areas ensure privacy and minimize distractions, thus providing optimal space for important communications.

Events and activities

At Coworking Sant Antoni , we firmly believe that events and activities are essential to foster a vibrant community, promote continuous learning and offer a healthy balance between professional and personal life in our cowork in Barcelona.

Our approach to organizing events and activities is designed to enrich our members’ experience, creating opportunities for personal and professional growth within a collaborative and dynamic environment.

Professional training programs: We periodically conduct training programs that cover a variety of topics, including everything from specialized technical skills to leadership and business administration skills. These programs are taught by professionals with extensive experience in their areas of expertise.

Inspiring talks and conferences: We invite industry leaders, successful entrepreneurs and innovative thinkers to share their experiences and knowledge through talks and conferences. These events are an excellent opportunity to gain new perspectives, be inspired and learn from the journeys of outstanding people in various sectors.

Networking events: Networking events are a fundamental part of our offer. These events allow members to connect with other professionals, entrepreneurs and creatives, fostering the creation of valuable networks, potential collaborations and, in some cases, lasting friendships.

Wellbeing and mindfulness sessions: Aware of the importance of mental and physical well-being, we regularly offer yoga, meditation and mindfulness sessions. These activities are designed to help our members maintain a healthy balance, reduce stress, and improve their concentration and productivity.

Cultural and creative activities: We organize a variety of cultural and creative activities, from visits to local art exhibitions to creative writing and design workshops. These activities are not only a way to unwind and relax, but they also stimulate creativity and offer a new way of seeing the world.

Social Gatherings and Celebrations: Social gatherings, such as dinners, cocktail parties, and holiday celebrations, are key moments in strengthening ties within our community. These events provide a relaxed and fun environment where members can interact outside of the work context.

Mentoring and advising programs: We implement mentoring and advising programs, where more experienced members can guide and advise other members, especially those who are starting their professional path or undertaking new projects.

At Coworking Sant Antoni, our events and activities are not just complements to our workspaces; They are an integral part of our mission to create a nurturing environment where our members can grow, learn and thrive . We believe that through these events and activities, we not only build a Barcelona coworking rental community , but a community of like minds who support and inspire each other.

Rates and plans

At Coworking Sant Antoni, we understand that flexibility and adaptability are key to meeting the changing needs of modern professionals. For this reason, we have designed a range of rates and plans that adapt to different work styles, budgets and requirements.

Our goal is to provide accessible and transparent options, allowing each member to find the perfect coworking solution in Barcelona prices for their unique situation.

Daily plan

Ideal for freelancers, business travelers or any professional who needs a workspace for a day. This plan offers full access to our facilities and services, including coworking areas, high-speed Wi-Fi, and lounge areas . It is the perfect option for those who need total flexibility without long-term commitments.

Weekly plan

Intended for those working on short-term projects or who are in the city for a limited period. This plan includes all the benefits of the daily plan, but with a cheaper rate that reflects a one-week commitment.

Flexible monthly plan

Our most popular plan, designed for freelancers, entrepreneurs and professionals looking for flexibility. This plan offers a desk in our coworking areas and access to all community facilities and events. It is ideal for those who want to integrate into a dynamic community without the need for a fixed space.

Fixed monthly plan

For professionals who want coworking offices in Barcelona , we offer the fixed monthly plan. This plan guarantees a dedicated desk, where you can leave your belongings and customize your workspace. It includes all the benefits of the flexible plan, with the addition of a sense of permanence and ownership.

Virtual plan

For those who need a commercial address in Barcelona and some administrative services without requiring a physical work space. Includes mail handling and the possibility of reserving meeting rooms.

Additional services

We offer a variety of additional services that can be added to any plan, such as use of meeting rooms, coworking cafe Barcelona , and secure storage.

Plan customization

We understand that each professional is unique, so we are open to customizing plans that fit specific needs . Our team is always available to discuss particular requirements and find tailored solutions in our Barcelona coworking spaces.


Why coworking in Barcelona?

Choosing Barcelona for coworking is not only a practical decision, but a strategic investment in your professional future. This cosmopolitan city, renowned for its vibrant culture, impressive architecture and business dynamism, offers a unique environment for professionals from around the world.

Barcelona has established itself as a center of innovation and creativity, attracting startups, freelancers and global companies. By opting for a coworking space in Barcelona , you immerse yourself in an ecosystem rich in opportunities for networking, collaboration and growth.

Join our community

At Coworking Sant Antoni, we invite professionals from all industries to join our vibrant and growing community. Here, you will not only find a space to work, but also a nurturing environment where ideas intersect and opportunities flourish.

By joining our cowork Barcelona, you become part of a diverse group of entrepreneurs, creatives, freelancers and business owners, all united by the desire to innovate, collaborate and grow.

Our community is the heart of Coworking Sant Antoni . We believe that professional success goes beyond individual work; It’s about the connections you make, the experiences you share, and the support you receive and offer. Here, each member brings something unique to the table, creating a tapestry of skills, perspectives, and knowledge that enrich the entire community.