The 7 Best Coworkings in Barcelona ᑕ❶ᑐ [RANKING]

Mejores Coworking Barcelona

There are countless reasons why Barcelona has become one of the top destinations for freelancers, startups, and professionals from all sectors: its climate, culture, and of course, its growing offer of spaces in the best coworking Barcelona. Below, I present a list of the 7 best coworkings Barcelona in this vibrant city, with Coworking Sant Antoni being the undisputed number one.


1. Coworking Sant Antoni: Excellence Within Your Reach

 Coworking Sant Antoni: La excelencia a tu alcance

Coworking Sant Antoni stands out in the Barcelona coworking space scene for its exceptional balance between quality and price. Located in the Sant Antoni neighborhood, an area known for its vibrant cultural life and welcoming atmosphere, this space offers an ideal solution for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses looking for an inspiring place to work without sacrificing economic accessibility. What makes Coworking Sant Antoni so special is its focus on creating a work environment that is both functional and welcoming.

The design of the space combines modern and comfortable elements, creating an environment that fosters productivity and creativity. Coworking Sant Antoni places significant emphasis on building a strong, collaborative community. It regularly organizes events and activities that promote interaction and networking among its members, creating an environment of mutual support and professional growth opportunities.

Another key advantage of Coworking Sant Antoni is its location. The Sant Antoni neighborhood is known for its unique mix of tradition and modernity, offering coworking members a wide range of services, from cafes and restaurants to markets and cultural activities.


Ground coffee, milk, tea, and unlimited water.

Meeting room.

Discounts at DIR Rocafort gym.

High-speed internet.

Kitchen equipped with a microwave.

Air conditioning.

Filtered water.

Printer and scanner.

Fingerprint access.

Business address.



Bike parking.

Package reception.

Phonebooth cabins.

It offers additional services such as package reception, lockers, private phone booths, and private parking. The location is convenient, close to the metro and buses. Includes a modern and well-equipped meeting room, and organizes events and activities to foster a vibrant and collaborative community.


Day pass: 15 €+VAT Weekly passes: 60 €+VAT

Flex / Shared desk: 84€+VAT

Fix / Dedicated desk: 150€+VAT

Meeting room: 15€+VAT


2. La vaca coworking: Creativity and Connection

 La vaca coworking: Creatividad y conexión

La Vaca Coworking is not just a workspace, it is a melting pot of creativity and connection in the heart of Barcelona. Located in the vibrant Poble Sec neighborhood, this unique space owes its name to its previous life as a dairy. Today, transformed into a creative environment, it attracts a diverse community of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and artists.

The transformation of this space into a modern coworking is a clear example of how places can adapt and evolve. Maintaining the essence of its past, La Vaca offers an atmosphere that combines nostalgia with contemporary design. Its walls, which once housed cows, are now adorned with artworks and modern design elements, creating an inspiring and welcoming workspace.

What really sets La Vaca apart is its community. An environment has been created where collaboration and mutual support are the norm. Regularly, events and workshops are organized designed to foster interaction and the exchange of ideas.


Meeting Room

Events and Activities


Coffee, Milk, and Tea

Phonebooth Cabins

Bike Parking

Filtered Water

Package Reception

Fingerprint Access





Relaxation Areas


Resident: 235€ (+VAT)

Flex: 185€ (+VAT)

1/2 Flex: 130€ (+VAT)

10 Days: 145€ (+VAT)

Week Pass: 80€ (+VAT)

Nomad: 19€ (+VAT)

Virtual: 45€( +VAT)


3. Cloudworks: Innovation and Technology

Cloudworks: innovación y tecnología

Cloudworks, located in the vibrant heart of Barcelona, is an epicenter of innovation and technology. This coworking space not only offers a place to work but also acts as a catalyst for creativity and professional development. With multiple locations in the city, Cloudworks has established itself as a key meeting point for professionals from various sectors, especially those focused on technology and innovation.

What sets Cloudworks apart is its clear orientation towards creating an ecosystem that fosters growth and collaboration. From open and bright workspaces to meeting rooms equipped with the latest technology, Cloudworks understands the needs of the modern professional.

Cloudworks’ commitment to technology is also reflected in its approach to sustainability and innovation. The spaces are designed to be energy-efficient and sustainable, reflecting a strong commitment to the environment and the future.


Cloudworks offers various services in Barcelona and Madrid

Coworking Flex: Flexible workspaces.

Coworking Fix: Fixed assigned spaces.

Private Offices: For small teams, with included services.

Serviced Office: Offices for large teams, with exclusive access and full services. Additional Services: Include basic supplies, high-speed internet, meeting rooms, and events.


Coworking Flex: 260€ (+VAT)

Coworking Fix: 340€ (+VAT)

Day & week pass: From 25€ per day (+VAT)

Team Pass: From 350€ (+VAT)


4. Coworking Spain: Global connection

Coworking Spain: Conexión global

Coworking Spain represents a milestone in the world of coworking in Barcelona, standing out as a space that goes beyond local borders to offer a global connection. This space is not just a workplace, but a meeting point for professionals and companies from different parts of the world, fostering a community that transcends cultures and geographies.

One of the keys to Coworking Spain’s success is its deep understanding of the needs of a globalized market. With a network of coworking spaces spread across several major cities, it offers an ideal platform for those looking to expand their network of contacts and collaborate with professionals from different industries and countries.

At Coworking Spain, the design and functionality of the spaces align to create an environment that promotes efficiency and collaboration. The facilities are equipped with cutting-edge technology, allowing members to work efficiently and connect with colleagues and clients around the world.

Services and prices:

Coworking Spain in Barcelona offers:

Flexible desks: Per day: 18.00 € / day (+VAT)

Weekly: 75.00 € / week (+VAT)

10-day package: 120.00 € / 10 days (+VAT)

Fixed desks: From 175.00 € / month (+VAT)

Private offices: For 4 people: 1,040.00 € / month (+VAT)

For 6 people: 1,560.00 € / month (+VAT)

For 8 people: 2,080.00 € / month (+VAT)

Included services: Internet, air conditioning, package reception, 24/7 access (for some options).


5. Loft 153: Design and Comfort

Loft 153: Diseño y Comodidad

Loft 153 emerges as an oasis of design and comfort in the urban landscape of Barcelona. This coworking space, strategically located in the heart of the city, stands out for its focus on creating an environment that merges style, functionality, and comfort. It is a place that not only caters to the practical needs of professionals but also cares for their well-being and inspiration.

The aesthetics of Loft 153 is one of its most notable features. The space has been carefully designed to offer a relaxing and stimulating environment at the same time. The interiors combine modern and rustic elements, creating a cozy atmosphere that encourages creativity and productivity. Loft 153 focuses not only on the aesthetic aspect but also places great emphasis on functionality.

It offers a variety of workspaces that adapt to different needs, from flexible and dedicated workstations to fully equipped meeting rooms. This makes it an ideal place for freelancers looking for a quiet space to focus, as well as for teams that need a place to collaborate and grow together.


Flexible and fixed desks: Options for working in a shared environment or with an assigned desk.

Private offices: Private spaces for teams.

Event room: Available for events and meetings.

Additional Services: Include locker and monitor rental.


Fixed desk: 220€/month +VAT

Flexible Desk: 180€/month +VAT

Flexible Desk Part Time: 150€/month +VAT

T – Loft: 140€ +VAT

T – Loft Special: 90€ +VAT

T – Company: 300€ +VAT

Week Pass: 80€ +VAT

Day Pass: 18€ +VAT

Ex-coworker: 30€/month +VAT

Coffeeworking Coffee + workspace: 12€/5hrs+VAT 8€/2hrs+VAT


6. OneCoWork: Location and Flexibility

OneCoWork: Ubicación y flexibilidad

OneCoWork, located in the iconic Plaça Catalunya of Barcelona, stands out for its perfect combination of strategic location and flexibility. This coworking space offers professionals and companies a dynamic and modern environment in the heart of the city, facilitating access to major commercial and cultural areas, as well as to an extensive public transport network.

What makes OneCoWork special is its focus on adaptability. Understanding that each professional and company has unique needs, it offers a range of work options from flexible desks to fully equipped private offices. This allows its members to choose the space that best suits their specific requirements, whether for a focused day of work or for a long-term project.

The design of OneCoWork Plaça Catalunya reflects a commitment to creating an inspiring and productive work environment. The spaces are carefully designed to encourage both individual concentration and collaboration. Open and bright areas, meeting rooms with state-of-the-art technology, and stylish relaxation spaces are just some of the features that make this coworking an ideal place for innovation and creativity.


Private offices: Closed workspaces, suitable for teams.

Fixed desks: Permanent workspace.

Flexible desks: More versatile work options.

Meeting rooms: Fully equipped for business meetings.

24/7 access: Full availability to all facilities.


Private offices: €300/Month (per person)+VAT

Fixed desks: €250/Month (per person)+VAT

Flexible desks: €165/Month (per person)+VAT

One member: €70/Month (per person)+VAT

Weekly pass: €80/Week (per person)+VAT

Daily pass: €25/Day (per person)+VAT


7. Aticco group: Exclusivity and Panoramic View

Aticco group: Exclusividad y vista panorámica

Aticco Group positions itself in the Barcelona coworking landscape as a workspace that redefines the concept of exclusivity and luxury. Located in one of the most prestigious areas of the city, this space not only offers an impressive panoramic view of Barcelona but also provides a work environment that is both elegant and functional. What distinguishes Aticco Group is its focus on offering a first-class work experience.

The design of its facilities combines elegance and modernity, creating an environment that inspires professionalism and creativity. Every detail, from the choice of furniture to the layout of the spaces, is carefully considered to provide comfort and efficiency. The offices and meeting rooms are equipped and customizable to suit needs, ensuring that professionals can work in an environment that supports their business needs.

The panoramic terrace of Aticco Group is undoubtedly one of its most outstanding features. It offers a unique view of the city, providing a perfect space for events, informal meetings, or simply to enjoy a moment of tranquility. This view not only adds aesthetic value but also contributes to a relaxed and stimulating work atmosphere.

Services and prices:

Collaborative spaces with 24/7 access.

Locations in strategic areas.

Environments designed for well-being and productivity.

Events and afterworks to foster community.

To consult their prices, you must go to their contact page and request a quote.

A space for every need

Barcelona offers a wide variety of coworking spaces, each with its unique characteristics. From Coworking Sant Antoni, with its excellent value for money, to Aticco Group, with its focus on exclusivity, there is a space for every professional and every need. These spaces not only provide a place to work but also offer opportunities to grow, learn, and connect. Barcelona thus confirms itself as a nerve center for innovation and coworking in Europe.

What is a Coworking Space?

A coworking space is a shared work environment, where professionals from various sectors come together to develop their projects independently, but under the same roof. These places offer infrastructure and services that allow freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses to work in a collaborative and flexible environment.

Beyond just offering a desk or an internet connection, coworking spaces foster networking, the exchange of ideas, and the possibility of establishing collaborations, becoming centers of innovation and creativity for those seeking a more open work model and connected with today’s world.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Coworking in Barcelona?

Location: One of the most crucial factors when looking for a space is its location. Barcelona has diverse neighborhoods, each with its charm. Think about proximity to clients, suppliers, or your home, and make sure the place is well connected with public transport.

Facilities and Services: A good coworking space should offer more than just desks and chairs. Look for places that offer meeting rooms, rest areas, good internet connection, and other additional services that may be useful for your work.

Community and Networking: One of the great benefits of coworking is the opportunity to connect with other professionals. Some of the best coworkings in Barcelona organize events and workshops that can be excellent opportunities for networking.

Price: As with any rental decision, cost is an important factor. Compare prices, but make sure to take into account everything that is included. Sometimes, paying a little more for a place with better services and an active community can be worth it.

Advantages of the Best Coworking Barcelona?

Flexibility: Unlike traditional office rentals, coworking spaces usually offer more flexible terms. This is ideal for freelancers, startups, or growing businesses.

Networking Opportunities: As mentioned earlier, working in a shared space gives you the opportunity to meet other professionals and potentially collaborate on projects.

Reduced Cost: Renting the best coworking spaces often turns out to be more economical than renting your own office, as maintenance costs, services, and other expenses are divided among all users.

Inspiring Environment: Surrounding yourself with motivated and entrepreneurial people can be a great boost to your productivity and creativity.

Access to Resources: The best coworkings in Barcelona usually offer access to tools, resources, and knowledge that could be difficult to obtain on your own.

In conclusion, if you are considering renting the best coworking in Barcelona, it is essential to consider several factors to make the right decision. And with so many benefits offered by these spaces, it is no wonder that more and more professionals and companies are opting for this mode of work. Barcelona awaits you with its innovative spaces and dynamic communities!

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